Monday, November 21, 2011

Celebrity Ink - Pink

Left ankle - Japanese symbols for Mother, happiness, strength, good luck
Guardian angel on left upper shoulder blade
Dog tags around right ankle for her brother and father
"What goes around comes around" around right wrist
"Mr. Pink" on upper left inner thigh
Japanese symbol for love with red love heart on lower left abdomen
Barcode and "1 9879-911200-1 3" on the back of her neck (lucky number 13, her date of birth and the release of her first album, Missundaztood)
"Tru Luv" in a banner on right wrist (matching tattoo with husband Carey Hart)
Red heart on right big toe
Dragon on left thigh
Razor blade on inner left wrist
"insecurity" on inner left wrist
Broken heart saying "best friends" inside left elbow, best friend has the other half
Frog on left foot
Bows on back of upper thighs
Tribal inspired music note behind left ear
"HELP" button on right elbow, matching best friend Butch Walker's tattoo
Portrait of her bulldog Elvis on inner left arm
 "A time to weep, A time to laugh, A time to mourn and, A time to dance. Sleep in peace my darling, I release you" on inner left arm below portrait
Red star on left hand
Frog on left foot
"Sir Corky Moore" and 8 9-03 (date of death) for her dog on outer left forearm

On the tattoo around her right wrist, "It's my only truth that never changes. I believe in karma. I believe that it comes around in both ways. I've watched really good people have really hard times and then all of a sudden something beautiful happens. I've seen instant karma and I've seen karma that I think takes lifetimes and I've felt a lot of it."

Images: Pink and Carey Hart for Hart and Huntington - PinkBrasil
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