Friday, April 29, 2011

A Drop of Barney

Name: Jake or Barney- whatever makes you comfortable.

Age: 27 and a half

Tell me about yourself: I’m a Civil Engineer, working at a great firm in Collingwood (don’t pay enough but there is a great culture here- that being said I’m completing this in work time). I live in Prahran, spend a lot of my spare time at the gym, going to gigs, surfing and being “socially active”. Music is one of my true passions, I spend a lot of money on CD’s and gigs, I used to play a lot of guitar- but being a single man, there is not a lot of time for it anymore. I’m a patient type of person, a pacifist of sorts but I have no tolerance for people that do not use common sense.

How many tattoos do you have: I have one moderately large tattoo. If I was going to get one I was going to do it properly.

Age when you got your first tattoo: 26

Do you have a favourite tattoo?: Not particularly. I think a lot of musicians with numerous tattoos (even of clashing themes) have a really good spread of tattoos. I find a lot of people with a lot tattoos look like they have been rushed and they come off as looking like stickers pasted across their bodies.

Any more tattoos planned?: Perhaps in the future. It will either be a small piece (text or something) or another larger piece that compliments my original artwork. I may also get my tattoo tidied up a bit around the edges.

Favourite style of tattooing?: I do like oriental. Although it has been done to death now.

Any other modifications? Piercing etc.?: For me to know you to find out!

What is your tattoo story?: I had wanted a tattoo for around 5 years- but could never afford one. I wanted a koi to start with but this had been done by everyone. I like the blossom trees and saw an energy drink advertisement that inspired me further. It wasn’t until I saw an oriental tiger that the concept clicked - I had my unique tattoo.

I was going through a bit of a rough patch, had to cut back on my partying/drinking a bit and in doing this I realised that it would be the perfect time to get the tattoo. I wanted to do it for myself, and it was something I had wanted a long time. It was quite an emotional thing getting the tattoo because I was one step closer to closing that shit chapter of my life. Once I had the tattoo, I realised I needed this- it was right.

After taking this bold move, my life and thoughts about life have changed a lot. I can honestly say my tattoo has experienced one of the most rewarding, adventurous and amazing years of my life. I’m sure that the tiger and I will have a lot of adventures to come, our next, being a trip to South America.

There is no real significant meaning to my tattoo. I didn’t want there to be a meaning behind it. It is neutral. No one else influenced me. If my thoughts on life change, my tattoo won’t. That being said I’m a fanatical Richmond supporter, if I ever have kids- it makes it easier to explain and I’m never going to stop supporting the tigers.

I love my tattoo but I’m still scared of it. I’m not sure when, or what I’ll get next, but I have never regretted getting a tattoo. It was an adventure and now it is a journey.

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