Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Drop Of Isaac

Name: Isaac, Izzy. 
Age: 24

Tell me about yourself : I'm a cabinet maker by trade but am currently in the Australian Army. I love music and the beach and travelling.

How many tattoos do you have: 6

Age when you got your first tattoo: 16

Do you have a favourite tattoo: The one with the girls names crossed out.

Any more tattoos planned? : i want to get a piece on my ribs. i really want something done by Derek Hess.

Favourite style of tattooing…background?: whatever looks good to be honest.

Any other modifications?: ive had my eyebrow, labret, tragus, tongue, nipple and the top of my left ear pierced. I also used to have 8mm stretchers in both ears.

What is your tattoo story? The orca on my shoulder means the souls rebirth after death, I was 16 and a massive stoner so it seemed good at the time lol. The little picture on my back is just a piece off the wall at Sharky's in Byron, just wanted to prove i could get tattooed in a shop under age haha. 

The writing that stretches from my bicep over onto my back is latin for ' the eagle dosnt capture the flies ' so pretty much dont worry bout the small things in life :-) 

Established 1986 is just the start of me getting smart arse tattoos cos i really dont take anything serious. Same goes for the  "ex-girlfriends" crossed off on my side. It's really just a piss take for those losers who actually do get their partners names tattooed on them and for the ppl who procastinate about getting tattoos because they are worried about what they will look like when they are older...people just take things too seriously, live for now!! 

The rifle at Gallipoli I got when I first joined the army, it is a tribute to the sacrifice made by those who came before me.

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