Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Drop Of Jay

Name: Jay Jebac Yugoslav

Age: 27

Tell me about yourself: I was born in Sarajevo and moved to Australia aged 10. Now I work two jobs, slave my ass off and then pack up and disappear whenever and wherever I feel like. Travel is a huge part of my life as are the relationships that I have with the people I've met along the way.

How many tattoos do you have: Two

Age when you got your first tattoo: 23

Do you have a favourite tattoo: Nope

Any more tattoos planned: Yes two more (left and right sholder blades) One will be my answer to immortality written in illyrian and angelic script and the other will be a Yugoslav tribute...very hard to explain but it will basically have something representing each one of the ex Yugoslav states...

Favourite style of tattooing...background?: Anything original

What is your tattoo story?: My tattoos, all 4 (two current and two planned) all revolve around my heritage in one way or another. Pride is a huge thing back home as it is in many European countries...passion comes second nature to this pride. No doubt that by now you've noticed that I keep using the phrase "Yugo" rather than Bosnian or Croatian or Serbian as many people nowadays do. There is a mixed reason for this; firstly i come from a mixed (french/bosnian/serb) background, second, i was born in the Yugoslav Republic and third, i don't believe in the war that split up Yugoslavia and I do believe that outside influences played a role in it. The way I see it, after Russia finally fell, Yugoslavia had to as well (at the time the Yugoslav army was third strongest in Europe after Russia and England) but im not gonna get into world politics now lol...my final tatt will reflect the split Yugoslav states...

The tattoo on my right arm was my first and has a symbol of a 'Ljiljan' (a flower found in what is now Bosnia)...the shading was freehand and has patterns found inside caves from Illyrian era (mid 4th century BC) the word 'Sarajlija' underneath is the name given to a person born in Sarajevo i.e. a person born in QLD is reffered to as a Queenslander...

The second tatt 'Svaka Ruza Ima Svoj Trn' on my left arm is written in Yugoslav and roughly translates to "Every Rose Has Its Thorns' with this one as well, the shading and background were done freehand...basically it's a reminder to keep my focus and always keep both my feet planted firmly on the ground...

Both tattoos were done at Aces Wild on the Gold Coast.

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