Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Drop of John

Name: John (HYDNSK)

Age: 23

Tell me about yourself:
I'm a security guard at the moment and I work on high rise buildings
I like tattoos...obviously
Love my sport
Love kicking back
People who get the same tattoos irritate me and that is why I have my tattooist, because I know that she won't do the same work and you cant get better than her.

How many tattoos do you have:
I currently have 3 tattoos, 1 is still not finished

Age when you got your first tattoo:
Hmm good question I think I was 20 / 21

Do you have a favourite tattoo
Favourite tatt would have to be my sleeve at the moment.

Any more tattoos planned? What? Where?:
Yer i got more planned, still need to finish the sleeve off and I have another tatt in mind, its a phrase most likely placed horizontally across the side of my ribs 

Favourite style of tattooing…background?:
Don't really have a favourite style, i just like tattoos in general

Any other modifications?
At the moment I have 3 piercings; 2 in my left ear and 1 in my tongue.

What is your tattoo story?:
I always wanted a tattoo but didn't know what to get so I sat down and started looking at different tattoos and put one together I liked it so I got it. I'm sure that many people can relate to this, while I was getting my first tattoo I was thinking of the next one so once again I starting looking for fonts, found one I liked put it together and got that about a year later. Then I started looking at sleeve tattoos, it took me nearly a whole year to put that together once I did, I started saving and got my sleeve done...I like to think about what I'm going to get and then I think again and keep thinking till I'm 100% sure about it, that way it means a lot more to me.

My first tatt was the cross on my back, I always wanted a cross but also wanted a rosary, I had different ideas about where to put them so I thought "why not make them one" an idea that I hadn't seen before and that's when I came up with somthing different by attaching the rosary to the side of the cross instead of around it.

My second tatt goes the top of my back, shoulder to shoulder. It is my last name as well as my grandfathers name, my grandfather passed away many years ago but he was a legend and loved by many so that helped me decided on this tatt.

My third tatt is my sleeve, I wasn't sure what to get but I wanted to stick to a religious theme so I found a few photos and went to my tattoist. We sat down brainstormed and we put the tatt together. I loved it, she loved doing it and it took us about 12 hours all up. By the end of it we were both happy she did a great job and I now have an amazing sleeve...

Sleeve by Teniele Sadd at Korpus Tattoo

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