Thursday, May 5, 2011

Job Blockers

Urban Dictionary cites a job blocker as a tattoo visible while wearing business attire, especially a tattoo on the neck. This often extends to tattoos on the hands, wrists and forearms.

A lot of tattoo artists won't tattoo someone on the neck or hands who does not already have a lot of work done as these are the tattoos which will most likely be regretted. While any tattoo is a lifetime commitment and shouldn't be rushed into, the potential hurdles that can be a result of a visible tattoo mean that a great deal of thought needs to be put into it. There is still a lot of lingering predjudice against tattooing due to its history, despite its rise in popularity and injection into the mainstream with more and more high profile and largely respected musicians, artists, actors, business people sporting ink.

A great many employers do not look favourably upon visible tattoos, particularly those on the neck or hands. It is often felt that a display of ink in such places portrays the owner in an unprofessional light. It is not a question of a person's abilities to perform a job but a statement of professional propriety. It can be said though that history of tattooing and its public perception, particularly in the last 200 years has been sordid to say the least and highly visible tattoos, on the face, neck and hands draws some scrutiny because of this history and its long association with gangs and the criminal underworld.

This is not to say that you shouldn't get tattooed in these places, i'm a huge fan of the neck tattoo and some of my friends have the most beautiful tattoos on their fingers, I have an un-hidable one on my wrist. You should just be aware, when choosing a tattoo in one of these places that in some professions placements such as these will not be readily accepted, where the choice for a job may be between you and a person who isn't sporting a full sleeve.

They are your tattoos and as long as you love them then to hell with the world just don't be one of those people who gets a tattoo for the hell of it. There are cheaper, less painful and less permanent ways to stick it to the man.

The simple truth is that the more visible your tattoos, the more open you are to prejudice.

On that note, there is nothing so affirming as having a stranger see your ink when it is on display.

Source: Google Images, Jim Kunstler's Daily Grunt Archive
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