Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Celebrity Ink - Jay Baruchel

Red maple leaf on left pectoral.
Celtic cross on upper right arm.
"Ropell" mother's maiden name on right forearm

"It’s like in the army, they put on your dog tag – what religion you are – just so they know where to bury you. I tattooed this leaf, which they traced right out of my passport, onto my heart so they would know where the boy came from.

"I've actually got a couple. That's my mother's maiden name. She's six of eight kids, most of them are girls, so my granddad's name probably won't live on past this generation. It was my tribute to that side of the family. My mother hates it every time I get one. She'll never be psyched about them, but at least she can't take issue with them. I got the maple leaf, her family name, and then I got, representing her Irish side of the family, I got the Celtic cross."

Source: weheartit, still shots from Knocked Up, Google Images
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